Burlington Community Remembers Kristen Pulisciano with Candlelight Vigil (Images)

A couple of images from Sunday's candlelight vigil in to remember and honor the life the Kristen Pulisciano and take a stand against domestic violence.

Many members of the Burlington community came out to the Town Commons this evening to remember and honor the life of Kristen Pulisciano, support her family, and take a stand against domestic violence.

Pulisciano was found stabbed to death in her Burlington home on May 3.  Christopher Piantedosi, Pulisciano's long-term boyfriend, is .

The message of the vigil was to embrace life and love and eschew violence. Speakers talked about the need for the community to come together and resist domestic violence.

Rev. Dr. John de Beer of St. Mark's Episcopal Church said that in difficult times such as this, it is important for the community to come together to heal and support the family.

"When violence happens and there is a death we can't explain, we need to come together," de Beer told the gathering. "When we are along at such times it is easy to become overwhelmed. As we gather together, we open up the source of life, and we stand in solidarity with the family, to confirm that death is not the end. Love is the force of the universe we all live in."

Rev. Elizabeth Ann King of the said that many conflicts revolve over religious differences, every religion has at its heart the message of love and non-violence.

"The amazing news is at the heart of any religion is compassion, committment to life and the rejection of violence," she said. "The best thing we can do is choose refrain from any words, thoughts or actions that will bring harm. We need to have a commitment to life. We are here because we want to be the source of hope and healing for the people of Burlington." 

Rabbi Susan Abramson of then read a prayer on life, hope and faith.

During the vigil those who knew Kristen were invited to speak to the gathering.

One friend said she knew Kristen for a long time.

"I can't express how wonderful she was," she said. "She loved her kids more than life itself. I miss her."

Another friend said people need to take a stand against domestic violence to help ensure no other families are hit by tragedies such as this.

"This doesn't have to happen," she said. "Having someone like Kristen being taken away in the way she was."


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